Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Kistone is broken.

He is always watching, nothing keeps him away. I've had nightmares, and I've never known what a nightmare was, not the kind where you wake up trying to scream but you can't, you just can't make a noise loud enough for anyone to hear.

I've been suspended from school, so I'm stuck at home, alone. I keep seeing Him and there's nothing I can do to stop Him.

I keep my father's sword at my side.

I've developed a really nasty cough, and it hasn't gone away, no matter where I go. I was with my boyfriend and when we cuddled we'd have to stop doing whatever to allow me to try and hack up my lungs.

My life is pretty shitty overall. Ugh.

Averyel, out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I woke up at 1:05 today, and He was standing next to my bed.

I don't know what happened after that. It's all blacked out. It was 5 o'clock when I checked, later. Four hours gone.

I drew Operator symbols on the back of my hands, and on my palms. Too bad I was sleeping cuddled up in a ball.

I'm going to try drawing the symbol on my wall, next. with a sharpie. Maybe that will help.

Nobody believes me, but I felt him touch my arm. Unfortunately, that still doesn't mean He's real..