Sunday, November 28, 2010

I see him.

He's there. My niece can see him, too.

I won't let him take her, he won't get me.

I won't be a victim.

I'll find a way to help


  1. I appeal to you young lady, you may be frightening your niece. Refer to your earlier entry, you wrote that and therefore, do you not think that is a much more decent explanation?

    Children's minds are fragile, she may now believe in this figment purely because you told her of him. Did you? Can you honestly say she came to you and told you she had seen something, before you mentioned it?

  2. I'd never mentioned it to her- she just pointed out the window and said "Snowman!" And He was standing there and I said "That's not a snowman, Yasmine." and she said "Noman?" and I told her that was a more accurate statement.