Sunday, November 28, 2010


I need to stop reading them. Urgh.

I'm starting to feel sick.. I need to draw. I was supposed to draw earlier, but with this paranoia stuff I'm been distracted.

I'll post of my pictures here. And I'm most certainly not drawing any Operator symbols.

Okay, maybe a few.

Maybe a whole page.

I kinda like them. My symbol is better, though! So I'll maybe I'll draw that instead.

But I have this urge to draw Slendy even though I've never seen him. To make those drawings that victims always have. It'd be neat.

I mean, if I don't draw them it means I'm scared, right? And if I'm scared it means he'd have more power over me, if he existed, which he doesn't. Even though my mind really believe I'm being followed by him. But I'm not, because he doesn't exist, I'm just schizo and I've been reading too many slenderblogs and imagination is running away with me.

I'll just draw my symbol.. then one that's cut on my kistone. If I can even find my sketchbook.

EDIT: I see letters behind letters, they are light blue against the white letters in front of them. I can't read them, but it's unnerving. My computer must be wonky, my book reads perfectly fine.

Also, I have way too much yang energy. Need to release it and maybe find a yin person to balance me out. Kistone must be amplifying everything.

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