Saturday, November 27, 2010


in the hallway

in the lake

he is there

i heard footsteps and im alone

he sees me

i don't want to die




  1. I have a great well of pity for you. Obviously you suffer from hysteria; perchance this figure you once saw and now feel again is a product of some traumatic experience? You must question why you feel this way once more.

    I would like to form a correspondence between ourselves, I am interested in dreams and hallucination.

    Consider yourself watched.

  2. I was raped twice when I was little, but that's it. I've been to therapy and things.

    I haven't hallucinated in a while.. but yesterday was bad.

  3. Indeed, "that's it", a bold statement. I would continue your therapy if at all possible. I'm sure you are simply seeing things, if simply is not an offensive turn of phrase.

    Might I inquire as to who harmed you as a child?

  4. Sure, sure. I haven't been to any sort of therapy in months. I'm a bit weirded out because my favorite gloves are missing, but I hope they turn up.

    Yes, probably, but the bad thing is that my hallucinations can touch me and hurt me. They are kinetic/tactile as well as visual and auditory.

    The brother of my best friend, when I was nine. I still live in the same house I did then, and his house is about 800 meters from mine. I haven't heard anything about him in a few years. I never took him to court or anything, I wanted to just put everything behind me.